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About Us

"The power of radio is not that it speaks to millions,
but that it speaks intimately and privately to each one of those millions."

~ Hallie Flanagan

JAMR Radio was founded by McIntyre & Co. Gifts and More on the basis, that there should be a variety in radio including music, talk, comedy, nostalgic shows, and giving new and rising stars a chance to be heard. We wanted to set ourselves apart from tradional programming, and go where others fear to tread.

To accomplish this idea with the rest of the world, and like minded people, we started this online station, or internet radio station. Our goal is to keep changing and evolving, by having no fear and scrapping our knees. In other words, continuing to be a trail blazer, going into the revolving door of progress, into something more for the industry, always.

Most importantly, since we are not a corprate company, and we don't have corporate sponsers. You our listeners, are our sponsers. That gives us more freedom to produce the best of the best, for you.